Moeder van twee kinderen valt 6 kilo af en ziet er tóch compleet anders uit


De Australische Joanne Peters is moeder van twee kinderen, die nu elf en negen jaar oud zijn. Ze is nooit echt druk bezig geweest met haar figuur.

Ze woog lange tijd 62 kilo, wat een prachtig gewicht is. Toch zat ze niet lekker in haar vel. Ze kampte met depressies. Toen ze een vriendin van vroeger tegenkwam die flink was afgevallen, raakte ze gemotiveerd. Ze besloot om ook aan de bak te gaan.

Paar kilo’s maar
Met resultaat. Nu gaat ze regelmatig fitnessen en vindt ze het helemaal niet meer erg om vaak te sporten. Twee keer per week maakt ze een lange wandeling en vijf keer per week gaat ze een halfuur gewichtheffen.

Daarnaast eet ze niet de hele dag door: alleen tussen 12 uur ’s middags en 8 uur ’s avonds. Hierdoor ‘vast’ ze eigenlijk elke dag 16 uur lang. “In de uren waarin ik vast, moet mijn lichaam haar energie halen uit mijn vetreserves”, legt ze uit. “Ik houd niet van calorieën tellen en dit is ook niet echt een dieet.” Het is dus voor haar makkelijker om vol te houden. Nu weegt Joanne 56 kilo, wat niet veel minder is dan dat ze eerst woog. Toch ziet ze er heel fit uit en voelt ze zich een stuk zelfverzekerder.

Ze is ontzettend blij met die zes kilo die ze kwijt is. Joanne: “Ik heb laten zien dat het nooit te laat is om je lichaam weer in vorm te krijgen, ook niet nadat je kinderen hebt gehad. Het belangrijkste is wel je eten. Trainen en sporten heeft geen zin als je niet let op wat je binnenkrijgt”.

Ok, so we all know by now that it’s the diet that needs to be the focus for fat loss, not exercise. It’s also the diet that is the hard part. Even if we do commit to clean eating, we can often eat too much of a good thing and still see no results. A lot of you already know that I’m a big fan of intermittent fasting (IF) and have been doing it for years. It’s not a diet, it’s a tool and I just wanted to talk about WHY it works for me as I do really consider it the game changer in my fitness journey. Nothing else has helped me get the weight off and effortlessly keep it off. I was already working out regularly in the first pic but wasn’t seeing much progress despite trying my hardest to eat clean. I now basically eat all my meals between 12-8pm whenever I can, which has become easy and I don’t get hungry prior to this. What the fasting has done for me is eliminate all the cravings that used to derail me. I would pig out on chocolate, ice-cream and large bags of potato chips. I no longer crave any of them. Eating an early breakfast also opens up my appetite so even if I am eating clean, I end up eating a LOT more over the course of the day. I also feel more focused when fasting and my energy levels are higher – like anything new though, it does take an adjustment period but it really does become easy, to the point where I really can’t even stomach the thought of eating first thing in the morning. 😃

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I’ve found it quite hard to accept getting older… sometimes I wish I could turn back time but then I look at some of my old pics and think nah I’m doing ok! 😅 It’s not all over after 40 or after you have kids. I didn’t start my fitness journey till 6 years postpartum with the second so it really is never too late to start. The biggest tip I can give is eat right to make your workouts count. I used to workout and all I would think about at the time was what I was going to reward myself with at the end. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I exercised for a whole year this way and saw no physical results until I changed the diet. There are many ways to do it but I recommend one simple lifestyle change at a time. Find healthier alternatives for things you eat that aren’t so great. Once the food is under control, the rest is easy. 👌🏼

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Happy New Year everyone! 💫💥🎊🎉 I’ve spent the last few days down at the beach with family and I’ve had time to reflect on how far I’ve come over the last few years and think about what I want my 2018 to look like. Health and fitness is a lifestyle for me now and the key to achieving consistency was accepting all my stuff ups and learning to get back on track as soon as possible. It’s as much a psychological battle as a physical one and letting bad days turn into bad weeks or months is what needs to be avoided. Now is the time when so many people are fully motivated by their New Year’s resolution to get fit and healthy but it’s usually only a matter of days or weeks before most resolutions get abandoned because people aim for perfection and throw in the towel the first time they fall off the wagon. I fell off it myself many times but picked myself up just as many times to the point where I now know I’ll always get back on track because I always feel much better for it. There are very few things in life we have control over but we are the ones who get to choose how we look and feel in 2018 by the goals we set and the way we treat our bodies. Feeling very excited about making 2018 my best year yet and hope you all are too. 🤗🙌🏼

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